Karaoke Queen

Gogona laughs that she never had an 'off button'. She would break into song and dance all the time, but especially to cheer up her friends. Now in her older age, Gogona still pursues music as her therapy, often inviting the nurses of The Mercy Center hospice for karaoke in her room. While Gogona struggles to remember her husband's name, she remembers the lyrics to her favourite songs.

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Gogona Talks About Her Insatiable Love Of Dance And Song


We chose speckled designs for Gogona to celebrate her playful demeanour

+Ceramic earrings

+Thin and lightweight

+Stainless steel post

+Underglazed white with a matte finish

+Comes in three shapes

+Each piece is handmade and will vary

+Ceramics are delicate, take great care while storing and handling

+WHY $65?

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"იყავით კეთილი და თანაგრძნობით საკუთარ თავს, როგორც თქვენ სხვები. ოჰ! და გული გაიგე შენი გული." - გოგონა

"Be as kind and compassionate to yourself as you are to others. Oh! And sing your heart out." - Gogona

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