Iza + Jemal

doting parents

In 1993, Iza and Jemal’s only child Dato went to war in the Russian occupied territory of Abhazia. He suffered from PTSD and took his own life at 25, shortly after returning home. Young Dato managed to leave a mark on the other boys in his neighbourhood. As their unofficial mentor, Dato helped the boys with their homework, and taught them to stand up to peer pressure during a major drug epidemic. For Dato’s funeral, the neighbourhood gave Iza + Jemal a book of poems in his honour. Iza keeps this book with her at all times.

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Iza jokingly shares how unimpressed Jemal was with their first encounter

Iza + Jemal

The hexagonal top holds the earrings together, symbolizing Iza and Jemal’s never ending love for Dato

+Ceramic earrings

+Thin and lightweight

+Stainless steel post

+Glazed in three colours and white with a glossy finish

+Each piece is handmade and will vary depending on our stock

+Ceramics are delicate, take great care while storing and handling

+WHY $65?

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"მოთმინება ისწავლე. მშვიდი და ბედნიერი ცხოვრებისთვის მოთმინება მთავარია." - იზა და ჯემალი

"Learn to be patient. It is the key to a peaceful and happy life" - Iza + Jemal

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