dauntless doer

Kartlos admits there are smarter and better looking people than him, but at least he can say with confidence that he is a go-getter. When travel was restricted in the Soviet Union, Kartlos deliberately pursued a job in ‘international sales’. He visited 210 towns and cities within the Iron Curtain. Currently, Kartlos is in a court battle with the Georgian government over confidential reasons. His chances of winning are slim, but he continues to fight because he's anything but a quitter.

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Kartlos talks about making friends in all 210 cities while on his travels



Triangular shapes have a peak, which we felt represented Kartlos and his ability to overcome challenges and to keep climbing

+Ceramic earrings

+Thin and lightweight

+Stainless steel post

+Glazed in forest green and white with a glossy finish

+Each piece is handmade and will vary

+Ceramics are delicate, take great care while storing and handling

+WHY $65?

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"არ გაჩუმდე იმისთვის რომ სხვებს ასიამოვნო." - ქართლოს

"Don't drown out your inner voice in order to please others." - Kartlos

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