defiant thinker

Lamara has been working as a guide at the Janashia National Museum Of Georgia for 53 years. Lamara struggled under the Soviet regime. She says people 'were like parrots, they were told what to say without the freedom to think for themselves'. Her mother fought this by bringing home thought-provoking (sometimes forbidden) books every month. Lamara is forever grateful for her mother's determination, and for the fact that to this day, she gets to work with colleagues who are unafraid to challenge conventions and speak their minds.

audio play

Lamara talks about her parents' perseverance against propaganda


We chose the half visible circle to symbolize Lamara having to hide many of her beliefs under the Soviet regime

+Ceramic earrings

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+Each piece is handmade and will vary

+Ceramics are delicate, take great care while storing and handling

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"რაც ჭეშმარიტებად გასწავლეს იმაზეც დასვი კითხვები." - ლამარა

"Don't be afraid to question what you're taught to view as truth." - Lamara

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