Leila + Keto

inseparable kin

Leila and Keto are sisters and soul mates who value friendship and family above all else. When Keto broke her leg, Leila and Keto’s remaining childhood friends surprised them with a new washing machine. They all still call each other every other day. Leila and Keto chose to care for their family instead of getting married and having children of their own. They’ve created many memories together. Now that Keto has dementia, Leila takes it upon herself to remind Keto of the great life they’ve shared.

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Leila + Keto talk about their kindhearted friends

Leila + Keto

We liken this design to the lemniscate, a symbol of the infinite love and solidarity between Leila & Keto

+Ceramic earrings

+Thin and lightweight

+Stainless steel post

+Glazed in two colours and white with a glossy finish

+Each piece is handmade and will vary

+Ceramics are delicate, take great care while storing and handling

+WHY $65?

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"ისწავლე იმ ადამიანების სიყვარული ვისაც არ ეთანხმები. ძალა ერთობაშია." - ლეილა და ქეთო

"Learn to love people no matter your differences. It's always better to be united than to be divided." - Leila + Keto

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