relentless optimist

Marina is a lover of life and a walking dictionary of optimism quotes. She recounts these quotes word for word, from her favourite Georgian, Russian, and, English authors. As an English professor, Marina appreciates the immense healing powers of writers like Charles Dickens. Her philosopy is inspired by the character Wilkins Micawber from the book David Copperfield. Micawber firmly claims ‘everything is brilliant’ despite being homeless, hungry, and in enormous debt.

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Marina talks about how Dickens helped her son overcome depression



We chose circular shapes to reflect Marina’s boundless and perpetual optimism

+Ceramic earrings

+Thin and lightweight

+Stainless steel post

+Glazed forest green and white with a glossy finish

+Each piece is handmade and will vary

+Ceramics are delicate, take great care while storing and handling

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"ასახე შენს ცხოვრებაში ის რისიც გჯერა. ადვილი არაა, მაგრამ არ ინანებ." - მარინა

"Live a life that reflects your beliefs. It's not easy, but I promise you won't regret it." - Marina

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