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We believe the act of listening is a simple yet powerful way anyone can help heal the world.

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Too often the elderly and sick are cast aside to spend their final days feeling invisible and forgotten in the shadows of society. This can have a negative impact on their sense of identity, their well-being, and their physical health. These circumstances can be particularly dire for elderly people living gunder the poverty line in Post-Soviet countries such as Georgia.

At Isminé, we believe elderly people approaching end of life deserve to be heard, so we've partnered with The American Friends Of Georgia and The Mercy Center Hospice, Nursing School and Home Care Program to share the stories of eight elderly Georgian patients currently under their care. 100% of the profits from our handcrafted ceramic earrings go directly to providing these eight patients, and many others like them, with much needed comfort, nursing, and palliative care they otherwise couldn't afford.

'We thank god every day to have Nana in our lives.
She's not just our nurse, she's our friend and guardian angel'
-Iza, Home Care Program Patient
ismine Georgia hospice

Your contributions support:

  • Up to 100 patients currently cared for by the program.
  • Access to dialysis, insulin, antibiotics, painkillers, blood pressure, and other medicines.
  • Low-income young women who work as nurses in the program, visiting elders daily, providing nutrition, medicines, injections, chemotherapy, washing, cleaning, and emotional support.
  • The ongoing maintenance of the Mercy Center Hospice, a hospice for 6 in-patients with serious chronic or end-stage illnesses to be cared for round the clock.
  • A nursing school program, aimed at teaching women and girls valuable occupational skills and specific hospice and rehabilitative training.